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Orisha greenhouse automation -

Greenhouse Automation

for Market Gardeners

Huge impact for small farms

Automate boring tasks and save time

Optimal conditions =
Happy plants =
Big Harvest

Save energy
and money

Reach out to us anytime!

How it works

Orisha application infographic


Know what is going on in your greenhouse from anywhere, anytime.

If there is something wrong, you'll get an alert.

Orisha Greenhouse automation infographic


Get the tool you need to produce tremendous yields without 15 back-and-forths a day.

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Plans and Pricing

No commitment

Easy installation
All hardware included

60-day trial, money back

Designed for
small farms

No hidden fees 

and no upfront cost


Orisha Plans and Pricing Seed plan icon

USD $35 monthly
per greenhouse (with purchase option)

It was cloudy when you left this morning but now it's sunny... Will your hoop house overheat?
We'll call you if something's wrong.

   Unlimited app access

   Real-time greenhouse temperature

   Real-time greenhouse humidity

   Alerts via call or text when growth conditions are not optimal

   Orisha customer support


Orisha Plans and Pricing Seed plan icon

USD $125 monthly
per greenhouse (with purchase option)

Having a day of sun/cloud variation but you don't worry about overheating because we are adjusting your roll-ups for you.

   All from the SEED package
   Automated rollup sides
   Temperature management automation

   Remote control


Orisha Plans and Pricing Seed plan icon

Pricing Package

As your farm grows, this custom plan will lead you to more yields and overall business growth. You can build that package according to your needs.

   All from the SEED and CORE packages
   Create a plan with our team that meets your needs. This could include :
   Humidity management

   Irrigation management
   Ability to add weather sensors


People first

A team of friendly humans with a passion for technology and agriculture, devoted to the well-being of farmers.

We're proud to simplify the lives of 700 greenhouse growers across North America.

Orisha JM Fortier FQT Farm
Both at the Ferme des Quatre-Temps and at the Jardins de la Grelinette, we have equipped our greenhouses with Orisha systems. For us, it's an investment to use their services!
JM Fortier - FQT Farm
Orisha Justin Bioregal Farm
We spend just 20% of the time in the greenhouse and yet 80% of our income comes from it. At night, when we close the greenhouse doors, we know we're done for real!
Justin - Bioregal Farm
Orisha Ben Hartman Clay Bottom Farm
Orisha has designed a beautiful software programmed to take a lot of work out of my head. It will make sure that the environment stays optimal for plant growth.
Ben Hartman - Clay Bottom Farm

Visit one of the 700 greenhouses
automated by Orisha.

Successful farmers in your region have Orisha. Visit them to see for yourself!
Fill out this form and we'll connect you with an automated small farm near you.*

*Only in North America

Orisha happy customer presenting a controller

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