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App Orisha sur téléphone dans la main d'un maraîcher

Greenhouse Automation for Market Gardeners

A small-scale solution with huge impact

What is Orisha

Greenhouse automation solution for small farms

Because we know you have other things to do than managing your greenhouse's climate

Orisha employee holding a tablet in a greenhouse
Orisha app for greenhouse climate management on an iPhone in a greenhouse
Orisha app on phone and computer for greenhouse climate management

Reliable Alerts

Receive clear actionable alerts from anywhere to stay in control of your operations.

Temperature Control

Maintain a steady and ideal greenhouse temperature to ensure the well-being of your plants.

Humidity Control

Effortlessly manage humidity levels, creating a favourable environment for your crops while optimizing disease control. 


Enhance crop health and yield by automating your irrigation system, delivering optimal water distribution to your plants.

All our features are accessible from anywhere via WiFi and come with our renowned expert advice.


Why you'll love Orisha

Spend More Time Away

Minimize on-site monitoring, cut distractions and stay in control, freeing you up for dinners with friends or dream vacations in Italy

Have Peace of Mind

Guard against crop losses. Our solution provides reliable and consistent oversight, making sure your crops are thriving

Simplify Your Operation

Delegate repetitive chores to our reliable solution for effortless greenhouse management

Receive Human Scale Service

Connect with a real person when you need support and get expert advice tailored to small farmers' needs

A smiling young woman of color wearing a red hat picking tomatoes in an automated greenhouse with Orisha

How it works

Developed in collaboration with experienced growers to provide the best results, our solution seamlessly adjusts to your goals and setup.

Build your own package or select from our standard plans designed to automate your greenhouses.

No matter the plan, you'll enjoy our outstanding customer service.

The central controller of the Orisha greenhouse automation system
Ancre 1


All our packages include hardware, unlimited access  to our app and renowned expert advice 


Everything included in the Orisha Vision plan is the central controller, the temperature and humidity sensor and the app on phone and computer.

USD $35 monthly
per greenhouse (with purchase option)

Design for small farms, this plan is an excellent choice for tracking the temperature and humidity of your greenhouse(s).

- Central controller
Temperature and humidity sensor
- Alerts via call or text
- Orisha customer support
- Unlimited app access

What's Included :


Everything included in the Orisha Control plan is the central controller, the temperature and humidity sensor and the phone app, a multi-function box and an opening side motor.

USD $125 monthly
per greenhouse (with purchase option)

Tailored for expanding farms, this plan is perfect for those in need of automation to streamline processes, saving both time and energy.

- All from the previous "SEED" package
- Motors to automate rollup sides
Temperature management

- Remote control

What's Included :


Everything that is included in the Orisha Custom plan is a high quality temperature and humidity sensor, a side-opening motor, a multi-function box, rain sensor, wind sensor, light sensor, blood pressure monitor, central controller and phone app.

Customized Pricing Package

As your farm grows, this custom plan will lead you to more yields and overall business growth. You can build that package according to your needs.

- All from previous packages
- Humidity management
- Irrigation management
- Ability to add weather sensors

What can be included :

Designed for small scale growers like you

"Now I can do what I want, not just what I have to'"  -  Orisha Farmer

Risk-free solution

It's easier than ever to get started

No upfront cost

Try automation today for as low as $25/month with the option to purchase. Get the assistance you need now without any financial burden.

Happy vegetable gardeners on their tractor as they use Orisha greenhouse automation service for their greenhouse production

Hassle-Free Setup

The installation process is intuitive and mostly wireless, making it a breeze to get your system up and running in less than 2 hours!

Tailored to your needs

Our solution is design to grow with you. Whether you scale up or down, we'll adapt your solution and hardware.

Happy greenhouse growers because they use Orisha's automated greenhouse control system.
A map of all 600 greenhouses automated with the Orisha greenhouse control system

We automate more than 700 greenhouses

Successful farmers in your region have Orisha. Visit them to see for yourself!
Fill this form out and we'll connect you with an automated small farm near you.

Only in North America

"Orisha has designed a beautiful software programmed to take a lot of work out of my head. It will make sure that the environment stays optimal for plant growth"

Ben Hartman - Clay Bottom Farm

"The great thing about Orisha is that it's online and I do everything on the phone. It's just easier for me to control everything"

Conor Crickmore - Neversink Farm

"Orisha is a major game changer! It has a huge impact on plant growth"

JM Fortin - FQT Farm

"The fact that I can open and close the roll-ups from my phone when I know rain is coming is pretty much amazing"

Michael Kilpatrick
- Farm on Central

Jean-Martin Fortier using the Orisha greenhouse automation system
A happy vegetable growing family using the Orisha greenhouse automation system
Happy vegetable gardeners on their tractor as they use Orisha greenhouse automation service for their greenhouse production
Michael Kilpatrick using the Orisha greenhouse automation system
Conor Crickmore using the Orisha greenhouse automation system
Ben Hartman using the Orisha greenhouse automation system
A happy market gardener using the Orisha greenhouse automation system
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