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Trade Shows

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Mother Earth News Fair

September 16-17 2023 - Wisconsin, US

A perfect opportunity to develop your DIY skills with hands-on advice from some of the most renowned experts in sustainable agronomy at Wisconsin FAIR!

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Canadian Greenhouse Conference

October 4-5 2023 - Niagara Falls, Ontario, CAN

Attend Canada's premier event for greenhouse growers of all kinds. The conference brings together producers, suppliers and research partners in one major event.

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BC Organic Conference

November 7-9 2023 - Penticton, BC, CAN

The conference for the 30th anniversary of the event will have the theme "Building bridges".This is British Columbia's largest biological event.

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New-England Vegetable and Fruit Conference

December 2023 - Manchester, New Hampshire, US

The event includes more than 25 conferences in 3 days. This is the best time to learn about the main crops of vegetables, berries and fruit trees with incredible speakers.

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January 2024 - Massachusetts, US

The Winter Conference, will bring together all farmers, gardeners, farmers, ecologists and specialists. The mission is to develop the biological community together.

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MOGFA Common Ground Country Fair

January 2024 - Maine, US

The mission is to educate and advocate for organic agriculture. It promotes a healthy environment, local food production and a strong community.

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Mid-January 2024 - Brookhaven, New-York, US

With a focus on soil health, the winter conference seeks to help farmers understand their soil testing and the importance of maintaining and promoting healthy soil.

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Guelph Organic Conference

End of January 2024 - Ontario, CAN

This gathering promote organic agriculture through workshops and round tables. The event brings together producers and organizations from the organic sector.

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Organic Agronomy Regional Mini-Conferences

February 2014 - Alberta, CAN

This is a time to gather high quality organic agronomy information. Interactive workshop on tillage and carbon.

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PASA Substainable Agriculture Conference

February 2024 - PA, US

This organization's mission is to cultivate farms and food systems that respect the environment and the real needs of the market gardening community.

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ACORN Conference

Mid February 2024 - Vermont, US

The conference will discuss all the ways to move towards regional resilience by touching on organic and ecological agricultural management practices.

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Mid February - Vermont, 

The Winter Event provides an opportunity for farmers, educators, and students to exchange ideas, resources, and skills to collectively improve sustainable agriculture.

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Mid February - New Hampshire, US

The Winter Conference is an opportunity to join the vegetable growing community. The event aims to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in the organic sector.

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Horticol Congress

Mid March 2024 - New-Brunswick, CAN

The event offers simultaneous technical training, plenary sessions, social evening and a showroom for all the vegetable industry.

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