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A market gardener inside his greenhouse

Creating Space with Greenhouse Automation

Join Guillaume Lambert, an expert in greenhouse optimization, and Luke Sheldrick from Terramor Farm, as they delve into how greenhouse automation can enhance profitability for small-scale farms in 2024 by creating more operational space for farmers.

This webinar will open the door to the real advantages and challenges of such systems as represented by an Ontario farmer as well as ORISHA. It can be easy to dismiss automation as something only possible for large-scale businesses, but thinking this way might be stopping you from accessing a worthwhile tool for operating your business better.

Luke Sheldrick

Luke Sheldrick
Owner and Market gardener
Terramor Farm, Burnstown, ON

Using the Lean System to Earn a Comfortable Living on a Farm

In this workshop, Ben Hartman, author of The Lean Farm, will explain concepts from the Japanese-based lean system that he and his wife Rachel use to earn a living on 1/3 acre of land. Specific topics covered will include: using 5S to organize a farm, how to precisely identify value, the 7 mudas (wastes), and kaizen (continuous improvement). Ben will offer concrete tips that farms of any size and type can start applying right away. Lean is a production system that originated in Japanese production and is now widely used in all types of industries.

Ben Hartman

Ben Hartman
Owner and market gardener
Clay Bottom Farm

Jardinier producteur maraîcher Ben Hartman qui travail sur Clay Bottom Farm en Indiana

Greenhouse Climate in Winter

Growing vegetables in winter requires a little work. The climatic management inside the greenhouse can be hard at first. We can help you better understand your energy needs, costs and potential returns. Humidity management, heating and ventilation will also be discussed in this webinar.

Guillaume Lambert

Guillaume Lambert
Founder & Co-Owner at Orisha
Expert on greenhouse optimization

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