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Cashflow Forecast Template

Google Sheet Template

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Guillaume Lambert

Founder & Co-Owner at Orisha
Expert on greenhouse optimisation

Introducing our "Cashflow ForecastF" template, crafted especially for farmers seeking greater control over their finances and a boost in confidence when managing cashflow.

We recognize the challenges you encounter, so we've created this tool to lend a helping hand along your financial journey. This template streamlines the planning process by assisting you in estimating your anticipated profits and providing guidance on understanding and analyzing expenses and revenues. And don't forget this template is dynamic! As you gain clarity and insight into your finances, you can tweak and refine it to better suit your needs.


Download now and take the first step towards financial empowerment!

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Maximize your Greenhouse Income


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Antoine Ratheau

Inverness Gardens
Market gardener since 2018

Greenhouses hold the key to thriving farming, offering significant yields, healthy crops, and an automated setup.

Whether you're new to greenhouse farming or experienced, "Maximize Your Greenhouse Income" provides actionable tips to boost profits, increase yields by 30%, enhance disease resistance, and capitalize on downtime for lucrative plant sales.

Download now for optimized cultivation and a rewarding farming experience!

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Will my Customer Pay For it?


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Antoine Ratheau

Inverness Gardens
Market gardener since 2018

"WAITING. There are many possible instances of waiting waste on a farm, but the most obvious one - a worker waiting. This can be frustrating as we pay our crew by the hour, so every minute costs us money (and we don’t have a lot of that).

  • It's 9 am. We have just finished harvesting a bed of hakurei turnips.

  • We bring all the crates of dirty turnips to the conditioning room.

  • One worker (Jessy) goes directly to the only washing station and starts washing the harvest.

  • Another worker (Brad) stands still, doing nothing.

WASTE! Right there. Do you see it? Of course, you do.
Now take a breath and don’t yell at your worker. Think. How can we avoid this?"

Coming Soon!

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