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We help market gardeners
build profitable businesses

Healthy Food
in Every Belly

With today's reality, we must actively participate in building a sustainable world. We believe It starts with agriculture.
Orisha is facilitating access to advanced technologies that improve yields and reduce energy cost. Our goal is to help farmers sustainably feed their communities. 

Orisha has been created jointly with farmers and agronomists to provide you with the best expertise. We are here to help you grow.

Map of all the Orisha client in North America who benefits from a greenhouse automation system

Trusted by in more than 700 greenhouses

Market gardener with a tomato basket
JM Fortier a market gardener who enjoy the Orisha greenhouse automation solution
Market Gardener holding Orisha with an happy face
Family of market gardener very happy in a greenhouse
3 market gardeners happy in their farm
Two market gardener in a greenhouse for winter growing
Happy market gardener holding an Orisha system
Two happy Orisha employee
Jean-Martin and the Orisha team in the greenhouse after installing the Orisha automation systeme
Team of 4 market gardeners having fun at the Bioregal Farm inside the greenhouse
Antoine from the Inverness Garden

We spend just 20% of the time in the greenhouse and yet 80% of our income comes from it. At night, when we close the greenhouse doors, we know we're done for real!

Both at the Ferme des Quatre-Temps and at the Jardins de la Grelinette, we have equipped our greenhouses with Orisha systems. For us, it's an investment to use their services!

Automated Farms
Everywhere in North America

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