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Backup thermostat: your solution for a better peace of mind

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Having absolute peace of mind is the greatest luxury that any farmer or vegetable grower can afford. When it comes to agriculture, it's never too prudent to be prepared for all eventualities by taking the necessary steps to prevent the loss of our plants.

Read on to find out what precautions the informed farmer takes to prevent risks simply and for less than 70$ per furnace!

Equipment needed

To install your backup thermostat, you will need the following equipment:

  • Orisha multifunction box

  • Electrical wires *.

  • Backup thermostat

  • Wire stripper

  • ⅛" flathead screwdriver

  • Diagonal cutters


  1. You will need a two-conductor wire. Electrical conductors are the small wires, often made of copper, that are found inside the electrical wires, under the insulating plastic sheath. This is what will allow the electricity to pass.

Image of a wire with two conductors.

2. You will need :

  1. A wire between the multi-function box and the furnace.

  2. A wire between the multi-function box and the thermostat.

3. Allow 1 m (3 ft.) of extra wire to make the connections.

4. We recommend at least a 18 AWG UV resistant wire.


You will have to install the two electrical wires, which will give access to the management of your furnace. However, the configuration and location of these wires will depend on your furnace model. If you are not sure, do not hesitate to contact your supplier.

It is important to note that a backup thermostat cannot be used for more than one furnace, otherwise problems may occur.

To install the backup thermostat, follow the procedure below:

1. Connecting the furnace

Pull out the first pair of wires and connect the two conductors to your furnace.

The exemple below shows how to connect your wires to a Modine furnace. Connect one wire to T1 and the other to T2 as shown in the picture:

2. Connect the thermostat

Install the backup thermostat in parallel (see diagram below) by unsheathing the second pair of wires and connecting both conductors to the thermostat. It is important that the wires are connected to the R and W inputs. Program your backup thermostat a few degrees below your lowest heating set point.

Your thermostat connection should look like this:

3. Plug into the multifunction box

Connect the two pairs of wires into the green connector of the relay sockets in the multifunction box. Plug into any of the relays 1 to 10.

Parallel connection diagram :

4. Checking the final connection

Your final connection should look like this:

Make sure throughout the procedure that the metal conductors should not touch each other when plugged in. This will cause a short circuit...

Get help

If you do not feel comfortable performing the procedure, do not hesitate to contact one of our certified installers! Contact information can be found in the Support section of our website.

Continue to improve your production system

At Orisha, we know that as a farmer, you can't always keep your eyes on the greenhouse. That's why we're always working to develop new features, with the aim of taking the burden off your shoulders.

To continue to expand your knowledge and get the most out of your Orisha system, we strongly encourage you to check out the other articles on our blog regularly. To keep up with the latest news, subscribe to our newsletter!

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