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Salad in greenhouse automated by Orisha Automation

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Market gardener with his son playing in the greenhouse with a big smile

Jean-Michel, Gauloise farm

We have a small farm of 1/3 hectare. We grow over 40 types of vegetables for organic baskets. At first, we had 2 greenhouses and a crop field. Even if it was small, greenhouses management soon became a major source of stress.


"If you're not there when the wind picks up, or you forget the panels when the temperature changes, there can be significant consequences for the yield and quality of the vegetables."


We constantly had to quit doing whatever we were working on to go handle basic greenhouse repetitive tasks. For us, this became a waste of time. Mentally, manual tasks related to greenhouse management soon became an ordeal : it is stressful to chronically worry about forgetting the greenhouse panels! If you forget, the consequences fall on your shoulders. Leaving the earth to go to dinner with friends was never done with a light spirit! Time and stress management was a true issue for us.


"This is the third season we've been operating with Orisha and the biggest change is the quality of life. We have overall more freedom, noticed healthier vegetables, less disease, and we can stretch our seasons by 2-3 weeks." 


As I can control everything remotely, I am now able to go out with friends without any hassle. Also, the app allows me to monitor closely what’s going on in my greenhouses by using the graphs displayed. We now have a total of three greenhouses without having to hire any additional employee. We produce more using our greenhouses while keeping a steady production in our crop fields. This allows us to have an array of different basket options throughout the harvesting season.


"At Orisha, the contact is direct, fast, they listen to our needs and adjust according to them"


The after sale service is as effective as it is human : we sense that we are in this together, supporting us every step of the way. As a company, they have long-time goals and base the app layout on their own clients to modify the scales/the configurations. Aside from their control system, I feel really supported by the Orisha team.

"Automation truly is a must-have for small growers!”