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Would My Customers Pay for it

Antoine Ratheau

Inverness Gardens

Market gardener since 2018

"WAITING. There are many possible instances of waiting waste on a farm, but the most obvious one - a worker waiting. This can be frustrating as we pay our crew by the hour, so every minute costs us money (and we don’t have a lot of that).

• It's 9 am. We have just finished harvesting a bed of hakurei turnips.
• We bring all the crates of dirty turnips to the conditioning room.
• One worker (Jessy) goes directly to the only washing station and starts washing the harvest.
• Another worker (Brad) stands still, doing nothing.

WASTE! Right there. Do you see it? Of course, you do. Now take a breath and don’t yell at your worker. Think. How can we avoid this?"

Would My Customers Pay for it

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